Stand Up Jet Ski Lessons

Push Yourself Harder
Get yourself ready for water’s equivalent of a scrambler motocross bike! A stand up jet ski is a bit challenging to learn. The rewards are fantastic as your technique and balance gets better. You will be capable of free styling tricks depending on the your physically exertion. A stand up will work your legs and upper body strength, and give you a great physique. If you’re not in too good shape it’s going to tire you out quickly. You will get wet but stand ups are way more fun than the sit downs.

  • Learn to ride a stand up Jetski this will test you physically but the reward is amazing.
  • Get to grips with one of the worlds best stand up ski’s around today
  • Yamaha Superjet 700cc
  • No prior experience is needed for your stand-up jet ski lesson.
  • RYA qualified will give you a full grounding in how to control the jet ski and how to manoeuvre.
One Hour Lesson £79
Upon arrival you will be met with a RYA qualified instructor. You will be kitted out in all the necessary equipment, which will include a wet suit, gloves, foot wear and a buoyancy aid. After some quick familiarisation with the controls, it’s time to ‘hop on’ and follow the lead of your instructor who will show you the methods and techniques to the brilliantly enjoyable sport of stand up jet skiing. Prepare for an hour of unbridled fun and freedom out on the splash then back to the beach to wipe that huge grin of satisfaction off your face.
At the end of this experience, you are guaranteed to have had an amazing time and will have created a host of unforgettable memories!


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